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€ 198,00

Apart Audio SDQ5PIR is een stereo loudspeakerset with incl. IR and RS232 remote control. 1 active and 1 passive LS. 2 x 30 Watts. Inputs: unbalanced stereo mini-jack, balanced stereo euroblock. Auto-power-on function. Optional wired remote control panels (ACP/ACPL/ACPR) available.

Waarom de SDQ5PIR kiezen boven andere producten?
1. SDQ5PIR is 30 Watt (concurrentie is maar 20W)
2. Wij geven 5 jaar garantie
3. Double isolated transformer om ground loops te voorkomen
4. Gebalanceerde ingang
5. Frequentiebereik 45Hz-20kHz (concurrentie 80Hz)
6. Automatisch aan/uit, hierdoor wordt onnodig stroomverbruik verkomen en resulteert in een veel langere levensduur van het apparaat.
7. RS232 connector voor integratie met besturingssysteem (Extron, AMX, CUE, Crestron).
8. Externe wall panels aan te sluiten over cat5 voor volume regeling en een local input.

Power off
Bass + en Bass _ ingedrukt houden
Power On
Na 1 seconden los laten
SDQ5PIR is nu gereset

Reset kan niet met de SDQ5.

De veiligheidskabel SABCAB6 is optioneel leverbaar tegen een meerprijs.

Remote SDQ5PIR-REM is na te bestellen.

SDQ5PIR is a stereo loudspeaker set with 1 active and 1 passive loudspeaker that stands for reliability, affordability, dynamic music and detailed voice reproduction! The active stereo amplifier loudspeaker has a low distortion high efficiency 5.25” woofer and one output is fed to the second linkable passive loudspeaker.

The SDQ5PIR set can be controlled from the included infrared remote control, via serial commands or via the Apart wall control panels (ACP, ACPL or ACPR) which allow control of power and volume. ACPL and ACPR also allow the addition of external audio inputs. Teachers, lecturers or anyone who is giving a presentation can stop worrying about audio system problems and stay focused on their presentation.

All inputs can be gain adjusted, used individually or mixed together. The balanced input allows long signal line without interference. You will not hear any hum or buzz, because there will be no ground loop issues when connecting the SDQ5PIR with notoriously difficult laptops, LCD projectors or interactive white boards.

These loudspeakers will give you a variety of sound possibilities when used in conjunction with a flat screen, projector or smart board. With their magnetic shielding these loudspeakers are the ideal and cost effective audio solution for your classroom, boardrooms or meeting room.

Bestelnummer: SDQ5PIR-BL en SDQ5PIR-W
Verkrijgbaar in zwart en wit.


Vraag:SDQ5P gaat uit als we op ACP drukken.
Antwoord: 2 x drukken op volume lager is de mute stand. U moet de volume knop ingedrukt houden en dan gaat de volume lager.

Verbruik van de SDQ5P?
Idle: 17W
Active power: 80VA max
Stand by: 12W
Idle: 14W
Active power: 80VA max