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Quad Digital amplifier, convection cooled

4 unbalanced inputs on RCA with pass through.
4 balanced inputs on Euroblock.
Input level attenuators on all inputs.
Individual channel mute buttons and versatile LED
status for input overload indication on the front
and rear.

Dynamic output power:
∙ 4 x 110 watts @ 4 ohms.
∙ 2 x 225 watts @ 8 ohms (bridged).
Euroblock loudspeaker outputs connectors.

REVAMP4100 is a professional digital 4-channel amplifier with high power Class-D power amplifier modules inside. The unit has extended speaker and amp protection circuits inside for DC protect, over current protect, over temperature protect and protection against input overload.

The REVAMP4100 amplifier has 4 individual amplifier channels but can be bridged into 2 stereo channels or even a 2.1 sound system. Use two channels as subwoofer channels and drive your top loudspeakers with the two remaining channels.