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APART Stereo soundblock amplifier, 2 x 90W, 4 Ohm.

The SBR160 is a compact stereo power amplifier that can be used as a stand-alone or modular amplifier.

Beside this RPO system, the volume of the SBR160 can be controlled over distance via any external remote up-down switch. A bass - treble tone control, balance and headphone jack for monitoring on the front pannel allow you to achieve a perfect HiFi sound quality.

The amplifier is equiped with a selectable RPO (Remote Power On) system. This means the amplifier can be activated in three ways via selection via the external switch at the back:
1. Via the power on switch at the front panel.
2. Via the Auto Power On setting. As soon as an audio signal is present, the amplifier will function.
3. Via the 5-24 Volt setting. An external 5-24 Vdc signal will activate the amplifier.

Bestelnummer: SAFCAB6