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Apart SUB A 165 is een active compact subwoofer, 8" subwoofer, 140w amplifier, active crossover, line or speaker level stereo input, adjustable low-cut.
89 dB
30-180 Hz

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The SUBA165 is a compact active 8” subwoofer that gives you an amazing performance remarkable for its small size. It is the ideal solution (especially with the MASK or OVO loudspeakers) for that little extra bass in your meeting room, restaurant, showroom, board room or surround system in your living room.

It completes your sound reproduction with an impressive and clear deep bass. The subwoofer has a Line input and a High-level input. At the back panel, the subwoofer is equipped with an adjustable X-over between 40-160 Hz, a volume control and a phase switch. The subwoofer is activated via the build in auto-power-on/off energy saving function. A “clip” indicator warns when maximum power is reached.

The cabinet of SUBA165 is made of wood and has an 8” HD woofer.

Bestelnummer: SUBA165-BL en SUBA165-W
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