Back AC12.8SET

APART Combination of AUDIOCONTROL12.8+AC12.8FP.

Alleen te programmeren door gecertificeerde AV installateurs.

AC12.8SET is an AUDIOCONTROL12.8 with the AC12.8FP feature pack already built-in. The AUDIOCONTROL12.8 matrix controls much more than your audio! You can have different sound sources in different zones at various volume levels, do selective paging and on top of that control other devices as well.
Briefly: your all in one audio and control center.

The Feature Pack expands the functionalities of the AUDIOCONTROL with message player/recorder, logical inputs & 0-10V inputs, logic outputs, output delay and zone combining.

For more information about this AUDIOCONTROL SET, please check the product pages or technical sheets of AUDIOCONTROL and Feature Pack.

Bestelnummer: AC12.8SET

Software kunt u hier downloaden.