- 8 x 8 Zone matrix
- 4 ingebouwde FM tuners
- 4 Line inputs
- Webbased GUI
- Remote wall control DIWAC
- Webbased remote controle (tablet)
- Emergency mute contact
- 8 x 30W
- Paging
- Party Mode

ALINP heeft 48V fantoom nodig en kan niet op de Audiosystem8.8.

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Although it can look quite simple, a small multi-zone installation is not always and easy and small job for the installer. He needs to install and connect many electronic units (sources, amplifiers, wall panels...) in order to provide the perfect audio solution for his customer. With Apart’s AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 the installer now can propose a complete audio system to his customers that covers many small or medium sized applications... with just one unit!

The Made in Belgium AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 audio matrix has 8 speaker outputs (4 stereo or 8 mono zones) with each a built-in 30 watts digital amplifier and also has 4 additional line outputs. The unit has 4 FM radios built-in and it has 4/8 stereo/mono line inputs. Out of the box the AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 is configured with 4 stereo inputs en 4 stereo output zones.

The installer/customer can easily access the integrated web server based GUI to configure and/or control the audio system. AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 can be remote controlled via the DIWAC wall panels, but thanks to the web server based GUI also via any mobile device (smartphone, tablet...) or computer that has a web browser installed. Browse to the correct url and when the GUI opens, it’s a piece of cake to select your source and control the volume of your zone.

As AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 is a perfect solution for many retail (or corporate) applications, the unit has been equipped with an emergency mute contact. In a shopping mall for example all retail stores should be connected to the central PA system. When connected via this emergency mute contact, the emergency messages coming from the central audio system will overrule the music in the shops when needed. Furthermore AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 has an all call paging functionality and a party mode function. On the DIWAC wall panels, an ALL ON/OFF button can be selected to shut down or start the entire audio system.

The applications for AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 are almost endless: doctor or dentist cabinets, supermarkets, bars and restaurant, office buildings, hotels, sport centres, wellness areas or schools... AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 stands for easy configuration, straight forward control into endless applications!

Kunnen de versterkers worden gebridged?
Wel kun je op de kanalen 3a,3b, 4a, 4b een externe versterker aansluiten zoals de REVAMP4120T en REVAMP4240T

Kan je met een DIWAC meer dan een zone bedienen?
Nee, 1 zone per DIWAC