Back EN-CM6T6


EN54-24 certified 6" ceiling speaker
93,9 dB
140-24 kHz
Inbouwdiepte 110mm (min hoogte)
Uitsparing 170mm
Diameter 220mm

The Apart EN-CM6T6 is a 6” built-in ceiling speaker made of powder coated steel (RAL 9010 equivalent), equipped with a high efficiency full range speaker and a multi tap 100 volt transformer, all certified according EN 54-24. The unit is equipped with a ceramic speaker line connector block, thermal fuse and a metal fire dome.

The installation of this speaker is easy thanks to the spring loaded clamps and the included PG16 cable gland.  The speaker with its excellent intelligibility is a perfect budget oriented solution for background music, paging and evacuation systems messages.

This 100 volt loudspeaker is equipped with a high quality 1.5 – 3 – 6 watts 100 volt transformer.