Apart Mask 2 is een 2.5" compact design cabinet loudspeaker, 8ohm/50watt, wall bracket included, - priced per piece and sold in pairs only.
Prijs per stuk en verkocht per set van twee stuks.
87 dB
120-20 kHz

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MASK2 in de praktijk:
MASK2 in restaurant

The MASK2 satellite low impedance loudspeaker offers a combination of design and great sound. With its 2.5” paper cone woofer, MASK2 is one of the smallest loudspeakers on the market and allows easy integration into every interior without compromising on sound quality. MASK2 and SUBLIME can be installed in a shop or bar where a loudspeaker is needed that creates an inviting atmosphere but also for residential projects where you need to install a sound system which does not take over the room.

Special brackets are supplied with the speakers allowing them to be mounted under various angles in corners or on solid surfaces such as walls or ceilings.

In combination with the compact dual coil SUBLIME subwoofer, these loudspeakers are the perfect audio solution for use in small to medium sized rooms or shops as well as for residential projects.

Bestelnummer: MASK2-BL of MASK2-W
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